About me and how I met DreamBirth®

Nicole Schuller

Hi, my name is Nicole and I am a midwife for over 30 years now. I have been working in different hospitals in Luxembourg. Since 4 years I work only independently and accompany young parents before and after the birth of their child.

That was also about the time when DreamBirth® came into my life. I was invited to a big event and I didn’t feel like going there at all. And as I was standing alone in that crowd, I was looking around and noticed a woman standing on my left who seemed to be also alone and a little bit lost just like me. Her name was Claudia and as soon as she knew that I was a midwife, she told me about the birth of her daughter and how she prepared for it, with DreamBirth®.

I had never heard about it in the 30 years I was working. So I asked her to tell me more about it.

She explained to me that it is a technique consisting of short, guided meditations where people use visualisation to improve the experience of the birth of a child. And when she told me that this technique helped her to release the placenta that didn’t want to come out, I felt so excited and I knew that I had to learn this. Today I’m convinced that the universe wanted me to learn DreamBirth® and help people with this easy technique to improve their whole life in fact.

And I am so grateful for it, because so far I have had such satisfying and positive results with this work, it is just stunning.

Here you can read Claudia’s story told by herself:

Birth in Harmony with Nature

“When I had the dream that I will be pregnant, I knew I wanted to make a homebirth where I feel safe and familiar with the surroundings.

I met Catherine Shainberg in Germany. She taught me Imagination of the Kabbalah. When I got pregnant, she recommended me to work with the Doula Claudia.

If I did not have the wonderful support of my doula Claudia, I would not have experienced this powerful Dream Birth exercises and in the end this wonderful home birth of our daughter. The work gave me so much confidence and self-trust in my own body and strength. Via Skype Claudia taught me the Dream Birth Exercises and was engaged in the Birth Process from NYC to Munich in Germany. All the exercises helped me a lot to dive into the birth process in an easy way and to overcome the pain during the contractions.

I had a natural birth around 24hours with a very well experienced midwife. Sara Joy was born at home, everything was fine but there was a challenge at the end waiting for me, the placenta did not come out. My midwife told me we have to go the hospital. This was the last thing what I wanted to go in a hospital and to be separated from my child. So I asked how much time do we have.

We only have 20 minutes time left. Otherwise if the placenta do not come, we have to go immediately to the hospital. My first thought was no, that is impossible. We reached almost the goal to have a wonderful home birth, the baby is fine and now I should separate from my baby. I called Claudia, told her the facts. She said be patient, I never had this before, but I know there is one exercise. Let me check, I call you back in 5 minutes. Exactly 5 minutes later she called, went with me through the exercise. My midwife meanwhile was sitting in the living room and waiting. I called her that I am ready to try it again. Immediately the placenta went out easily.

I will never forget the words of my midwife: that really convinced me.

So with Dream Birth we get our natural power back and we develop such a strong bonding to our child, which is amazing. Thank you so much Claudia!”

Claudia with Sara Joy from Germany